Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe. Welcome to the Arena!

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  1. Mar Jehoel O. Quizon


  2. Rheaonin Domingo

    Im a bird


    Imagine clash Royale having this artstyle in game


    cool brawl stars and clash of clash and hayday and boom beac and clash royal



  6. Dj Dyrroth

    Bagus cokk anime nya 🤣🤣

  7. Iyas Asseeri

    انا ابغاه تكفاااااااا يا سبر سل

  8. Venz Quemada

    Bakit bakit ang pilipino don ako naka tira

  9. Cairo Omar

    2:35 rick and morty reference!

  10. Yosef00 XM


  11. Justin

    0:45 Grandmother?

  12. marioxd tom

    that beautiful

  13. curse speed

    Mega knight is dancing

  14. games stars


  15. games stars


  16. Ale Ortiz

    Wath this music cr

  17. Ziczoroza

    Omg this is so cool

  18. GDrako Turnover

    Why am i getting clash royale recommendations when Ive never searched it up in my entire life

  19. Juan Medina

    I'm here for the song

  20. joel chacon

    Esto no es japonés simplemente palabras al azar que suenan a japonés

  21. Arsh Shaikh

    Plz... Bring back the healing spell

  22. Zack Marshall

    The fact that this was released by clash royale themselves is amazing

  23. Just Chongyun

    I need this

  24. Ale Ortiz

    Wath’s this music is cool

  25. sanchez sabido jose manuel


  26. Gustavo Rafael Ruiz Velueta

    The best cart in Clash Royale

  27. Walter Mejia

    Good, now reverse clan wars 2

  28. Hugh g rection

    Princes bout to make me act up

    1. clash with carnage

      Nah the elite barbarian 🥵🥵🥵🥵🤤🤤🤤

  29. Alfaro M

    Can we just appreciate how good the music is

  30. VikePlayz

    Hey clash royale I have played since royale recruits been release why I still dont have 2 year badge

  31. Alex


  32. A crak in the road caused by you going downstairs

    Cod 4 be like IN STYLE: 0:24 An then there is a cluster strike called in.

  33. Arlan Fahrezi

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. Don Fabi

    Horrible game

  35. Mirza Andhika

    Musketeer is sexy af.

    1. Alex

      The Bandit😍

  36. Anthony911 v

    Add a new card like a mega barbarians

  37. Ozyxs Macalinao

    Only veratti had a good gift

  38. Altinos


  39. J O S H U A .-.

    Jajaja Que onda con esto we

  40. Pro guest 1337

    Clash royale is there going to be a third prince??

  41. Gølden

    Someone Uses The Combo. Me: Uses Prince And Skeleton Army.

  42. Darth Aman

    He is not know but ok


    Clash of clans thanks For getting our country Our country is philippines ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Tomas Baptista(5B)

    o não otrafes não

  45. Moist Marsupial

    Nice to see that the game hasn't changed at all since pass royale began. Stop enabling this junk people

  46. TheOnlyJT

    Log bait aids

  47. DK GaminG

    0:56 when I rage at Clash Royale


    Otakus: hay paja😈

  49. Sir Kushmen

    So we had Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS in Yu-Gi-Oh arc V but now we have Yu-Gi-Oh Royal Crowns

  50. ظ٦٩طس ٩كحم

    Se me cayo un idolo

  51. Babarinko

    15k dislikes because of a dabbing goblin in the background

  52. VisioNII


  53. Alejandro nieto solano

    0:22 Soy el unico que piensa que los duendes murieron brutalmente por el nini peka

  54. TheOnlyJT


  55. patocrack ñaña

    Parece a la pyrovicion

  56. Tsounah Boi

    Ohh myy

  57. war hammer


  58. Shox Music

    2021 and I'm still here 🤷‍♂️

  59. laurgamer 2017

    Is this supose to be a anime reference bc i love it

  60. Wernix

    need musketeer on my life

  61. Zach4Life

    the executioner in the future: no more minion horde

  62. Best User

    he is like another version of pyro

  63. Serbest Özen

    Fireball like this

  64. Singh Khalsa

    This season sucks tbh

  65. erbil erman


  66. Bulba Indraputra Adil

    Goblin slayer

  67. The Defiant

    Who would the main protagonist be???? Ngl, as an anime this would be fire Or is supercell made the art into anime

  68. cesar David flores acuña

    Les presento la carta mas rota en mi opinión en el juego:

  69. The 420th Angel

    I want cruel angel's thesis put over this

  70. NBR X LØFT

    Thomas müller should’ve gave them there present

  71. Shahram Ranjbar

    I am in frozen peek


    Pls make a electro prince

  73. Haroldo Reyes


  74. bored yawn

    Lol xd

  75. Nicolas Wiesner

    The skeleton spawning looks like from aot

  76. Yiğitreis ÇETİNKAYA

    0:56 mega knight is robot

  77. Glzzin ff

    So tem eu de brazuca


    Song name?