Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe. Welcome to the Arena!

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  1. The Lamb Sauce

    9:17 Even as a baby they are already growing beards

  2. The Lamb Sauce

    1:51 I see what he means

  3. The Lamb Sauce

    Back when this was the newest video

  4. sa rah

    0:29 why he knew about the flood

  5. sa rah

    0:23 and at that moment continious the sentence

  6. Hosain Sheikh Suleiman

    Can I get the revenge for barcelona with playing clash royal with psg and win?

  7. Ery Kurniasih


  8. Ashvez

    Deck to counter mega night decks Musketeer, knight, tesla, hog, ice spirit, guards, zap, arrows. Avg elixir cost 3.0 Counter megaknight with tesla and knight, put muskeeter behind the knight and push the other lane with hog ice spirit and zap in hand. If your knight is low on health, after you deploy hogg and ice spirit the knight comes back in cycle. Put a fresh knight it front of musketeer. Boom you have a two lane offense while having guards and tesla in cycle to counter any offensive My username is Trainer Cheddar, Clan Name is Elite Indians HMU if you wanna learn this deck. It can handle miner cycle, royal giant, giant skele, golem you name it. The only downside of this deck is its pathetic at dealing with xbow and mortar decks cause theres no tanky card or heavy spell

  9. June Bug

    I do that and it's pretty good

  10. Valère Delcambre

    Then baby dragon came

  11. Ággelos

    ya no juego esto porque no equilibran el juego! El cementerio, gigante noble, globo, cazador son cartas que necesitan nerf. Acambio la bruja madre un buf, la triple mosquetera se le puede cambiar el tiempo que dura en desplegarse a 1seg, y asi susesivamente con las cartas que menos se usan; mejorandolas !! NO ES QUE LA META ES TENER UN JUEGO DIVERTIDO Y EQUILIBRADO ? con lo que hacen espantan a la gente.

  12. Nick To

    hi it now 2021 lol

  13. JuanMB


  14. mara ines olivares

    CLAHS ahora que ahí de en mi cuenta perdida? Que tengo que asen con los numeros

  15. arnab mitra

    0:44... and our great grandmother.. . . Grandmother with mustaches😂

  16. ツBur

    Only oGs will remember this ..

  17. joonaz best


  18. Kae

    If this was an ad I would watch it without skipping it

  19. Kae

    This was fun to watch haha

  20. Nicolás Díaz78

    Admitelo, estás buscando un comentario en español, lo de quieres ver mi lanza, es muy malpensable, no se sabe si se refiere a la lanza que usa para atacar o la de abajo

  21. Vatt Et

    Y de que forma vera un pancake de verdad?

  22. Canal Hunter

    Cadê os BRs aqui ?

  23. Woodszy

    So this is where all my money has gone

  24. Aizakku

    Can't wait for goblin dragons.

  25. Fredge

    Skeleton army:I'm about to end this man's whole career

  26. 。Red 。

    I like how there still posing even if there gonna die

  27. jape skaped

    i made this ice goelm with pure skill and ages of my life supercell: 7nseconds take it or leave it

  28. jape skaped

    this brings the insult you pig to a whole nother meaning

  29. Mohamed Hassanein

    1:45 "you're a ninja turtle you can fit" I can't 😂😂😭

  30. JJ Supreme

    Captions need more attention 😂

  31. Flor Gombio

    i mean run

  32. Trident Slayz

    Your clan wars update is dog water go back to clan war 1.0 so many people have either stopped playing or barely go on anymore. Please tell me how many people you have lost due to update.

  33. Flor Gombio

    i defienintly my favourite rider is HOG RIDER!!!!

  34. Shane Tzzx

    Mega Knight: All Gold. In the game: Only Armour gold

  35. Isai V

    back when rimes were simple, now we have so many cards :(

  36. pedo shimoto

    I wish i turn Back time

  37. A.K. E

    Rip crl. Congrats with being the only game that killed itself with adding new things

  38. justin Macatangay

    Can you a make a card its mega royal ghost

  39. Nayshudev Vellaitham

    Mega knight be like:


    Boy Finland is here 6:36


    0:28 por primera vez la princesa fue ignorada por un chico o lo que sea el mini pekka

  42. Grant Teodosio

    Well youll loose if you dont have wifi connection

  43. Fathi imran Saleh

    That is why PSG lose in final champion league 😂😂

  44. Game Play

    Кто из казахстана

  45. Philipp Durczak


  46. Фёдор Махнов

    Хуйня какая то!

  47. GH YT Shorts

    Who just came here bc the servers are down?

  48. Muhammad Anas

    I miss you clash Royal