Clash Royale: Season 5 Balance Changes! Coming November 4th

Clash Royale

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    1. Skittlesio

      Removing area damage for witch was a mistake, whats the point?

    2. Maneplix YT

      Never thought of nerfing the Mega Night and the Electro Giant

    3. Michal Lukaszewicz

      Why the heck are you nerfing Witch, Supercell? It was such a good card. R.I.P. Witch...

    4. Necro ###

      Are these seriously the last balance changes this game has had?? Lmao nerf the Golem, mega knight, valkirie and royal giant

      1. Mah Ferraz FF Sou Homem

        No the last was november 2020

    5. Jorge Barrera

      Whos watching this in 2020

      1. Jorge Barrera

        Cause this update is garbage

    6. Adnan Uğur Çörtlen

      oyunun azina ettiler

    7. Kevin's World



      I still remembered when witch attack speed was lightning speed

    9. Gustav Schosinsky

      I dont even use the witch but seeing how she got massacred im not even happy, she was so balanced before, I loved seeing her in the arena

    10. NS777

      W a h o o

    11. Αλέξανδρος Μπέλλος

      Oh so I need someone else to kill my opponent's prince. Witch is dead now

    12. The Sans's

      The splash damage was the only good thing about her! The skeletons were just distractions from the real treath

    13. Manic the hedgehog

      Who's here today after one year later that this video came out

    14. JJdakid Not man


    15. Sok Long


    16. notmuchwbu

      0:18 look how they massacred my girl

    17. Раян Димитров

      Witch: * exists * Supercell: *N E R F*

    18. Harold Ibarra


    19. ApartmanN

      Hi, I am a beginner youtuber in Clash Royale. On my channel you will find:opening chests,5600 game play and my exclusive section "Road to maximum lvl". It will be nice if you rate my videos. Thanks for reading.

    20. Student Angel Rodriguez

      Supercell: Witch is too op Also Supercell: Lets add a tank that does insane amounts of area damage that also does jump damage. (megaknight)

    21. Pranay Sanjith

      Yo is supercell drunk like which was already a dead card and now they making it even more dead.

    22. Ancalagon M

      Most incompetent devs I have ever seen =) Hard when you are out of STOLEN ideas? Hahaha as soon as you try yourself everything just gets out bad =)

    23. AlwaysOn Forever

      Next update witch spawn a skeleton every 10 seconds

    24. King Fayaiz

      Supercell is destroying the spirit of the game,they are nerfing normal cards,they are bringing goofy cards,ie mega knight. Decreasing the depth..well done supercell,within 3 years ur game will be the todays coc😘😘👍👍

    25. Selenator Divselena

      My favourite card princess and Night witch

    26. DIR Ali

      WHAT THE ***** super cell WITCH: Thank You

    27. Chantyl Cotejo

      Is it me or the witch is becoming trash slowly?

    28. rex 223

      Tengo casi todas las cartas solo me faltan6

    29. Waffle Dino Thing

      When fisherman get nerfed Supercell: uh oh Fisherman get fish and slaps on supercells face Fisherman: Fish slap

    30. junaidah jun

      The ..... What you are not suppose to do that

    31. Hyaku Hachi

      That time when witch was literally a sh*t

      1. A JuicySandwich

        Hyaku Hachi is now

    32. Aydin Munir

      Good news witch does area damage now

    33. XClover G

      Todo bien menos el dragón, súbanle más vida, cada vez se menos porque se está volviendo débil a comparación de sus amigos aéreos

    34. Syndicate - 2021

      Remember these? These were the worst set of Balance Changes in clash royale history. This is why they had to keep buffing witch and broke the executioner. And it made fish slap dude dead. It makes the wall breakers pretty bad. The rest were completely unncecessary. Probably the only big mistake the dev team made in 2019. BUFF FISHERMAN

    35. RSswordfish O


    36. 丸太丸太ローリングウッド


    37. 丸太丸太ローリングウッド


    38. 丸太丸太ローリングウッド


    39. Heng Hiangsong

      Nice job supercell you have sucessfully oofed so many cards

    40. Heng Hiangsong

      Witch is the hell a dead card especially during her halloween season

    41. Baby Connie

      Nerfeen al megacaballero 🤢

    42. Amin M

      What about the mega knight nerf ?

    43. Dark Battler 360

      No,not the witch we need her skeleton produce do be faster cause now it's slower

    44. Quill Something

      Goodbye witch you were the best alternative to wizard.

    45. Swin

      How about a balance change for the towers??

    46. Elena Jenifer Asalde

      raise life to foolish dragons and new more powerful dragon

    47. Bandit Baddies

      The witch is no longer a musketeer

    48. Psychological Grape

      Bro the witch is so bad now

    49. Adán Hernandez


    50. andybeatzy

      Rip witch

    51. MisiGaming

      And remove area damage

    52. MisiGaming

      Please nerf witch again

    53. Blakeos777

      Make witch good again

      1. Blakeos777


    54. Lucas Peña

      Porque no le hacen un cambios en la carta de mega caballero es una carta muy rotisima

    55. Mister Ronron

      Click Bait , they are not nerfing the witch , they are killing her

    56. Suomixit

      mega knight still not nerfed enough

    57. Fabricio Souza

      horrível a atualização da bruxa

    58. YoungEliteFN

      The witch should cost 4 elixir

    59. Hirsch XYZ

      Too much Nerfs. The Nerf to the witch is too strong

    60. Brazilian Soldier

      Are you guys just keep nerfing elixir golem till he becomes useless ? Just like you guys did with the Fisherman ?

    61. Lemon sQeEze


    62. Skin Kings

      nerf the giant, wizard, balloon

    63. BaqirGreen 1

      Community: buff the witch 1 year later Supercell: buffs the witch Comumunity:nerf it Supercell:nerf it Community: buff the witch supercell:SO WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO HERE

    64. KingRailZ

      I almost had a heart attack then it said “no area damage for the witch”!!!!! Nani!

    65. Soo Hee Ling

      Supercell: Removes area damage from witch Me: REMOVES THE GAME

    66. Bleachシ

      See heres the thing now the witch is vulnerble against skeleton armys

    67. Pumpkin Cat

      Imo the worst meta this game has ever had

    68. Ayşe Uyar

      Zaten balıkçı az vuruyor bide gücünü düşürüyorlar

    69. studying but 'stu' is silent


    70. Gürkan Akın

      Boring golem golem golem.

    71. Higor Alexandre

      Nobody: Supercell: lets buff executioner

    72. thio

      why witch so many balances? are u crazy?

    73. Severus Snake

      What a joke.. remove area damage for the witch.. shes useless now.. thanks supercell.. keep it up..

    74. I'm Trash

      Is no one going to talk about how OP THE BALLOON IS? AND THE MINI P.E.K.K.A?

    75. 꼬몽튜따뻴

      The worst balance patch ever in clash royale history

    76. Deepika Saha

      Witch is now 👎👎. I removed her from my all decks.

    77. paco ramon

      You destroyed my poor Witch, I have her since Arena 1 and now I'm at 5100 trophies

    78. GamerZTino

      The witch now sucks

    79. Myles J

      Supercell: hmmm *makes witch most broken card in the game* Supercell: wait crap *nerfs witch into oblivion*

    80. OH NO

      can you increase the damage of the executioner

      1. Tobias Holub

        You gotta be kidding

    81. BusteR

      Megaknight: *exist* Supercell: *we must nerf witch*

    82. The Bushcamper

      Anyone here after the witch got her damage and attack back?

    83. Owen Lin

      I had a level 11 witch, the highest level out of every card, then you just basically remove the witch from the game wow Supercell

    84. Derisnel Hernández

      Supercell hates the witch so much.... At this point, she should be called “The Weak”

    85. Boy Jackpot

      Clash Royale have the most unbalanced changes



    87. Predator 360

      R.I.P witch


      Era melhor deixar a bruxa como ela estava antes pq ela não tá valendo mais nada.

    89. Brandon Gomez


    90. Brandon Gomez

      With of the area splash of whitch im losing

    91. Brandon Gomez

      And my friends and clan members are making fun of me

    92. Brandon Gomez

      What happends is that im losing a lot

    93. Brandon Gomez

      Super cell please give witch back her area splash

    94. Alvino Lopez


    95. Bibek Ghosh

      damn you guys always just keep nerfing the Witch.... :(

    96. George Marin


    97. Kalebxp123

      Yeah they completely ruined the witch. She was amazing...and then supercell was like “you like a card? RRREEEEE-“

    98. Saygılı Gülümseyen

      the witch's skeleton exit speed must be restored

    99. Willem Schutte

      Please No!!