Clash Royale League: Relive the World Finals!

Clash Royale

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    Relive the epic journey that was the CRL World Finals!
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    For the best viewing experience, use your smartphone or tablet in portrait mode to watch all the action.
    ABOUT THE CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE: The Clash Royale League (CRL) is Supercell’s official team-based esports league, featuring the best Clash Royale teams and players. With divisions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America & Mainland China, the CRL aims to give players & spectators the most exciting & entertaining competition in the world.

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    1. Clash Royale

      Thank you all for watching and supporting Clash Royale League 2018! ❤️❤️

      1. افرزfathy افوزnagah

        I yseef

      2. Arsal Sohail

        I love clash royale

      3. Nureerna Wawa

        @Manuel Mereles nñkk?'*

      4. QUICKSCOPE 45

        Clash Royale Fix the tokens, Fix the magic archer, and put the Rare, Epic, and Legendary card levels back to normal so things can make sense again Like so they can see!

      5. Ricsik123

        Clash Royale 12xp Hali character goblins emote give no plz give

    2. Темур Зикреев


    3. Dance Queen

      Nice video 🖒😍

    4. Raissa Silva

      Olá já escrita super likes

    5. Animation Club

      This time I known which team I choose😆

    6. Suraj Gupta

      Suraj Gupta

    7. S2 HEISEN 11


    8. yadgar slemany

      Soon League 2019

    9. Free Ride


    10. Jay Gamer O-O

      İ love crach royale kep UP the suport😀👍

    11. Bilbo BT

      Why are people commenting all these irrelevant comments. Stop asking for cheap free emotes. No game is going to make their cool cosmetics cheap, let alone earn able in game a lot of times

    12. KONO DIO DA

      My suggestion for a new game mode would probably be draft legendary only

      1. marmar

        But there's not enough legendaries. Draft with no spells would be better

    13. Young Blue

      Their moms would be like"what did I tell u? That playing this would do a great fortune "....haha,lol.....and BTW great vids and music it really makes the moment

    14. Alt Ac

      I impressed

    15. BangBang Pow

      I will not buy a ticket to Japan

    16. Лиза Томас


    17. sclo

      Plsss but where is indonesia

    18. Royale202

      Hi SUP ERC ELL I'm royal levente pls golden chest ből mega knight password 2guyp29jl please

    19. The raged eagle

      How can we join clash royale league

    20. red hot faya

      Pretty good for a game I just play on the toilet

    21. daniela reichert fagundes


    22. Manuel 2006


    23. Alan Cedillo

      Clash royal can you bring back the epic chest the was in the item shop plz

    24. By Exodia

      Supercell viole des enfant

    25. OpAsNy Vo3rAsT

      Clach Royal you made my life

    26. OpAsNy Vo3rAsT

      Supercell I hope you will work on the game Clash Royale

    27. Games Interactive

      Supercell mita! Equipe maravilhosa.

    28. RepsaK

      Love this game

    29. Sarcrown

      Y esos efectos de Ash Vlogs? De donde los sacaron? Jaja

    30. Emanuele Claps


    31. QUICKSCOPE 45

      Fix the tokens, Fix the magic archer, and put the Rare, Epic, and Legendary card levels back to normal so things can make sense again Like so they can see!

      1. HuNZa

        I don't agree with having cards of every rarity at the same level. Everything else, I agree.

    32. Lucifer ytb

      So exciting

    33. Chetan

      No Indian teams were even participated in this competition... Why?

    34. Fabrizhio & ダニツァ


    35. Julio Perez

      E-motes for 50 gems please supercell😁😢

    36. Julio Perez

      E-motes for 50 gems

    37. Julio Perez

      E-motes for 50 gems

    38. Julio Perez

      E-motes for 50 gems

    39. Hydra Gaming

      I hate chineses But.....😁U understood

    40. Deb Maksim

      very cool

    41. THE JOKER TM

      Please bring back the old trade tokens system SUPERCELL

    42. Deep Mahajan

      It's only for fun some people take to serious that plays league of mobile game this is not funny

    43. Jbad11_42

      sorry if yall didnt notice but nova cheated. imortals shouldve won

    44. Santiago Sánchez

      que cucha son todos chinos

    45. funkymonkeyy2985

      Too bad they are destroying the game with all these terrible updates just to make money how much more greedy do you need to be supercell!!!!!

    46. iR3ktYou aka EzSkills

      That is good, onli bad think for me is this trade system. Everything oder is goooood

    47. Cătălin Mihalcut

      Royal in the best!!Romanii sunt cu tine Royal!!

    48. h4v0c

      How is this game not dead yet!?

    49. BraianV. Breion


    50. Krishna Gupta

      Clash royale is a fantastic gameplay

    51. luigiparty

      I am sand 4 in which country are you

    52. Genesis Rentoma

      Putang ina mo CLASH ROYALE ibalalik ninyo yung sistema ng kalakalan 😒😒

    53. Ted - Brawl Stars

      Cuando lo retransmitiran?

    54. bsjdnei

      Where i can find the 2v2 matches

    55. Alexander p

      No fortnite no FIFA 19 clash royale people clash royale

    56. Alexander p

      Clash royale is the best do

      1. Comrade Tim

        Di Maria brawl stars is lit also

    57. Brayant Chiru

      Maincra es mejor :v

    58. techlova

      Fix the trade system

    59. Alexander Parraga

      Awesome finals

    60. jack wiśniewski

      I love you so much supercell

    61. BurningPillow


    62. Daironcr7 Alvarado

      I love Clash Royal

    63. Samuel Voskár

      Supercell you took my Goblin emote with throphy... thanks

    64. Жри_Моё Настроение


    65. By Exodia

      Supercell viole des enfant

    66. Timmethy


    67. Eyal Mor

      Change the price of the emojis at least 50-100

      1. Zeeky

        No you greedy fool and wtf is that name?

    68. Abel


    69. railan souza

      Javi, let's go Brazilian !!!!.

    70. Alejandro Rendón Morales

      Hay no lo vi

    71. Stephen curry intusca chipana

      4 emotes = 300 gemas

    72. Dario Diaz

      Amo esta juego jaja 😅me regala una reacción cr?

    73. Daniel Toth


    74. xAhmed TM

      This Final was really Epic 💯 Loved watching it 😁

    75. Lane Cruz

      Ahora espero con ansias el otro año para ver la crl :v

    76. KritzelBob


    77. 毎日外郎売り


    78. Garrett Franks

      *Goblin Kissing Trophy Emote* Love it

    79. BarryLQ

      Nice promotion 😂😂😂👎👎

    80. Martin -1

      A nice game make a nice history :D

    81. Karol Zagórowski

      First mobile game ever to have such professional tournaments! Congratulations Clash Royals a.k.a The best mobile game ever made!

    82. Voltage

      Im still mad about not getting drops 😡

    83. suman ff

      Change trade system ......

    84. Shavo

      Plz film for clash royale

    85. ⦓مستر•ِ•نشبة⦔

      Emotes for 100 gems pls 😢

    86. b1. bx_

      This game his did

    87. БеZумный 8


    88. Alan 00

      Son todos chinos :v

    89. YOUNES mz

      Why you dont make a champions for arabs 😭😭

    90. Hermesson Keviny

      back with the old supercell exchange system, please

    91. Hermesson Keviny

      back with the old supercell exchange system, please

    92. Dere Moto

      dear sir our country all examination is held in December. so no one online in this time. and we cannot obtained free emote.its our humble request to give us this free emote. behalf of my country 😢😢😢

    93. Asyph

      Old system trade in clan

    94. Kugen -_-

      Love u clash

    95. The Nexon

      Clash Royale ❤💙🎅🎅

    96. يوُ ڛـ,ـفُـ,ـ

      Please from all who work in clash please supercell back up the old trade system it's better than new thats can't I trade only in hard way please with my dear Youssef AAA

    97. Tuncer S

      I love clash royale

    98. Lego Ninjago

      1.00000tas gelcekti hani supercell cvp ver

    99. Zear1x

      Top Nice final clash royal top))