Clash Royale: Balance Update Live! (12/3)

Clash Royale

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    Check out "the why" behind these changes here:
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    Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.
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    Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!
    • Duel players from around the world in real-time in both 1v1 and 2v2 Battles
    • Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones
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    • Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses
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    • Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
    • Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community
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    • Take on daily and weekly Quests for big rewards
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    1. Clash Royale

      Note: Elixir Collector and Freeze changes are coming on 12/5! All other changes go live on 12/3.

      1. Nikolas Rousis

        What was changed in elixir collector

      2. blantmen brawl stars

        I z ocet z eosvisbsibiyueg

      3. Ana Julia

        Thx CR now i will lose for ballon trank so much

      4. HolyGrail

        I have spent a year now upgrading my Freeze spell till i got to level 12 to earn those extra seconds, but now thanks to the new unfair update a new noob will get the same 5 seconds freeze spell as a player like me spent Gems and Gold and Money Tbh only as he starts the game. THIS LS SO UNFAIR

      5. mirella Gutierrez

        What here

    2. Hussain Allawy

      From this update they had kill freeze speel

    3. William Gordon

      This is so weird because I watched this video exactly one year later

    4. Nikolas Rousis

      I didn't understand the elixir collector change.

    5. Nikolas Rousis

      What was changed in elixir collector?

    6. GDD

      NOOOOOOOOOOO He nerf Barbarian barrel

    7. Hot dog

      Nerf hunter | | 》《

    8. Sam.Killgorre10

      And this was the day they ruined my level 13 freeze.

    9. zan tuti

      Et ton cul , tu le torche avec qu'elle main ? la 1ou la 2 mains !!

    10. Shirley Cai

      Why did the ice wizard have to have lower health

    11. Антон Веретин

      Изменение баланса в Clash Royale Крутоооо:)!

    12. cAn ozkAn

      No one uses Electro dragon Lets nerf him!

    13. João Plentz

      WHAT? Collector balance is completely unfair. Are you guys crazy? If the collector has this rule, then goblin hut, barbarian hut and furnace must have the same rule! Completely unfair! You've just discarded collector from the game. Congratulations! RIP Elixir Collector.

    14. Subhadeep Ray

      Please adjust the new ram rider to 4 elixir cost. 5 elixir is too much for this card, for us to be able to fit it in any archetype. Please reduce the DPS a bit to keep things fair for all other archetypes. Goblin hut , barb hut, 3 muskies-minions can still be played around ram rider to adjust elixir cost - but then its a win condition; its a hog-rider-like legendary card and so its cost must be 4, not 5. Not to mention if ram rider gets itself once, pulled into king tower - less number of attacks can be repeated due to its 1 elixir higher cost. Also the card is not a true beat down card like giant or neither a split lane push card like royal hogs.

    15. Voiceless Rex

      Tesla is gonna destroy

    16. Karol Kozłowski

      Freeze is too op now

    17. El Noob 2

      cada like muere un gigante noble y barbaros de élite

    18. Kermit TMF / SKINNY PENGUS

      Buff the log in second balance change

    19. Anime Seviom

      Ya Bi nerflemeyin şu electro dragonu. do not nerf electro dragon pls

    20. mario

      pekka is very OP ! pls nerf pekka

    21. Walid kanjp


    22. Mathias 1536333369

      Royale recruits need to cost 6 cuz so expencive

    23. Luca Pagliai

      Electro dragon was already really terrible for 5 elixir, and you go ahead and make it worst. No one used it in the first place..

    24. By Exodia

      Supercell viole des enfant

    25. random guy

      Barley started to use elxier collectors with my decks for 1v1 thanks supercell. (Sarcasm)

    26. ArkeSnoW

      team france represent like

    27. its me

      Please make the dark prince good again

    28. Samuel Caetano

      Bufa the Sparky

    29. Lionel Messi

      Why is everyone is talking about buffing the magic Archer supercell should buff the nightwitch instead it a legendary card that is super weak and it not useful like it use to be

    30. 5 minuten Kreative Ideen

      Danke für balanc Update heute ich habe ein Kampf gemacht und gewonnen mit 1 HP unterschied können sie den teilen in TV royale

    31. Emiliano Mtz

      I want the witch, his attack is 0.8 por have the attack from before.

    32. ПУШЕР sanchous

      Тупое обновление

    33. Horst

      Nerf the fckn. Wizard Supercell!

    34. Benny Li

      Welp, freeze just became my list of the most cancerous card next to mega knight

    35. sm 01

      Nerf mega knight

      1. android user

        Why nerf he is already too weak

    36. Tyson 29

      Fortnite > Trash Royale 😄:D

      1. The Normalizer

        Please stop

    37. Ikaika Schumacher

      Mmm royal recruits only 7 elixer now...

    38. ido kamer

      למה אוצתם מי קלאש רויאל את הכלל צסת

      1. Calvin Brown

        Rrf6 it chief ft yufybuoynojuvt etc but

    39. Mert Atmaca

      my lvl 5 arena 9 xD i have 11 legendary and i play 1 year

    40. Полинок Е

      Hello, playing wondeful)

    41. Mert Atmaca

      maybe ice wizard bad

    42. Mert Atmaca

      ice wizard bad

    43. Israel Plays

      Supercell tá caro pra mudar de nome

    44. EhnEh EssG4S

      Collector feels pointless and having such a hard time with my 3m miner ram. Seems the high cost cycle decks similar are now too hard to defend without a good chance of getting in cycle straight away. If not you may look to place at 1.30 mark but probably be too busy by this point trying to defend with a deck that isn't focused purely on hard counters. And so are these decks no longer competitive across the majority of the player base.

      1. EhnEh EssG4S

        Well lost 5 games since the update won 1. Previously been working up towards jungle arena, once again, with success... fat chance with this deck anymore. Took a while to get good woth it it but guess its back to hard counter strats.

    45. Loler boys

      Gems play battle is

    46. Carlos Orlando

      Valeu superei

    47. Saki Yukawa

      i need a golem nerf....pleaaaase

      1. Waitwhat847


    48. Lucie Závodná

      It would be cool to change tower desing for christmas! Like = agree

    49. ぺぺかなだ



      Freeze is not dealing damage .WTH

    51. Intregalactic Mr player


    52. dustybusty 79

      I don't know if u buffed or nerfed the ice wizard

    53. Jacob Is Not Here

      Xbow buff!!!!

    54. Korać

      New update 1.Electro wizard +1 range 2.Hog rider -5% damage 3.Ballon (first attack slower) 4.Guards +5% damage And 4 more you choice For CR,I think this is fair update,if you have suggestions pls comment!

    55. !HenBenry!

      tesla already OP:( and freeze damage! im dead

    56. JamJamal

      Guys, the reason Freeze got this change is because currently upgrading Freeze will increase its duration, which is extremley inconsistent to all the other spells which when upgraded gain a buff in damage. So they're fixing Freeze's duration at 5 seconds, and now the area damage will increase as you upgrade it instead.

    57. Disturbed18Rocker

      Electro dragon needed a buff not a nerf... almost had him to lvl 11 too, what a fun waste of my time.

    58. Cingetorix Helvetii


    59. Martinoli

      Now elixir collector is dead

    60. DAM

      *no one wants electro dragon, why do you make it worst?*

    61. Fuinha Shadow

      What about Nerf the golem? He is on meta at so much time...

    62. Don King

      Stupid, STOP making updates to the existing cards because people that suck can't play. Just make a new card to counter instead of changing the existing cards all the time 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    63. Denis Gustavo

      Freeze 👎👎👎👎

    64. Ishaque Ramedies

      At least with the freeze now it will be able to activate the king tower, so I know where to bait them hard. If they mess up freeze early game then graveyard freeze might be less intimidating

    65. Guylain Hardy

      Bonjour, Avant, la TDE était sympa à jouer !! Depuis que vous avez créé l'électro sorcier, puis les electrocutreur.... et maintenant le Dragon électrique !! elle sert plus rien... sans compter le zap... la foudre... et le geant royale qui la pete en 4 couo.

    66. ديقل / degl

      تشكيله سيئه

    67. jim maflete

      Wow I liked the elixir pump on open hand

    68. Binck Janssen

      Does someone now what they mean with 'no longer appears in opening hands?'

      1. BotuczyChannel

        It means that players can no longer deploy that card first (obviously you can still deploy them, just not as a first card)

    69. Mason Hyden

      I just want my witch to attack fast again... I stopped playing for a few months, and came back to find my witch attacks like she aged 20 times the time i was away. Why you slow her???

      1. Mason Hyden

        @Francis Thompson Mm yeah I noticed now that I tried her again that they also increased the speed she summons skeles so I guess it's worth it.

      2. Francis Thompson

        She became used by Everybody. I guess a nerf was necessary, but they should have nerf the damage, not the attack speed😢

    70. Taras Usenko

      Plis NERF WICH

    71. OfficialFox

      Elixer collector: goes back into meta a little bit after it got nerfed Clash royale: *well we can't let that happen now can we*

    72. Matthew M Canada BC

      Sparky rip

    73. Varna Inian

      Why elixir collector in starting hand is a game changer

    74. The Cats A Trick

      Excuse me but WHAT!!! The changes don't really effect me but the no longer starting hand pump why super cell y

      1. The Normalizer

        @Atlas D-DC or a rocket

      2. Atlas D-DC

        So that you don't instantly win if the opponent doesn't have fireball.

    75. mistahhbean gaming

      Ok so I see other parts will come with it

    76. Kill Me Now

      Ive always thought the electro dragon wasent that great of a card... now you're making it even worse?

    77. Caleb T

      Buff magic archer


      Why you put the witch very slow the láser and the goblin gang's damge too slow

    79. Tai

      What they mean by open hand?

    80. Стёпа Золотарёв

      Обнова заебок

      1. The. alemdar1

        Please help me Russa is the best

    81. Goran Pavlovic

      No hunter changes.. OK

    82. Philip Ibrahim

      # لا_لتعديل_التجميد

      1. The. alemdar1

        Please help me 10$

    83. walt3r

      Buff health or speed attack on elite barbarians

    84. Brian Woods

      I look at these balances every time hoping that the Prince’s charge time will drop back down. 3.5 tiles is hell.

      1. Brian Woods

        @pts gaming and vlogz I know. Could've lived without it though

      2. pts gaming and vlogz

        @Brian Woods they made only to balance every unit in the that has a charge bandit mega knight prince and dark prince abd battle ram to be even

      3. Brian Woods

        pts gaming and vlogz But a 3 tile charge wouldn’t have made the card s....I don’t even know the word. It’s not useless. I can still take towers if I drop it in a free lane but geez. It already has too many counters.

      4. pts gaming and vlogz

        Prince was too strong as it was so the 3.5 tile charge is good

    85. Dario Rivolta

      Give X Bow spell resistance, damage reduced from spells as crown towers and we should be ok.

    86. Violence

      why u buffing freeze? AREA DAMAGE? *RLLY?*

    87. Myles brassington

      Great Tesla noobs are gonna have an open day

    88. Stewert lincoln

      Plzz make golem 12 elixir They r so tough to defend in 2x time where they cycle golem for every 10 seconds Yes and i m serious make it 12 elixir😠😠😠😠

      1. The. alemdar1

        Please help me 10$

    89. CityWideSounds

      When is update ??

      1. pts gaming and vlogz

        The big update 12/13

      2. The. alemdar1

        Please help me 10$

      3. pts gaming and vlogz

        12/3 and elixir pump and freeze on 12/5

    90. Aaron Bachan

      We need elixir to be In open hand !

      1. The. alemdar1

        Help me

    91. Tang Calvin


    92. Minas Tsartsalis


    93. Mateusz Chaliński

      Nerf ebarby plissss -dmg5% and HP -5%

    94. Mike

      Bro why buff Tesla

    95. rom Delabruh

      Oh my God freeze is going to be soooo good

    96. Balvinder Singh

      Wtf Now Even Freeze Will Do Damage And Pls Buff The X-bow

    97. ahmad jawabreh

      Decrease time of freeze to 5 sec, it's the best balance I seen thank you supercell cuz it's not logic to be more than 5 sec . ❤

    98. 『SRB』 VIZOR

      Noo elektor dragon

    99. Leandro357

      Aumenta o dragao eletrico ele ta ruim

    100. Raul Dario Huamani Checcllo

      A usar golen con recolector y trio