Clash Royale League: Top NA/EU Finals & Playoffs Moments!

Clash Royale

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    Amazing playoffs and an even better finals! The best teams battled to see who would go and compete at the World Finals on Dec 1 (Nov 30 6pm PST), in Tokyo!
    For the best viewing experience, use your smartphone or tablet in portrait mode to watch all the action.
    ABOUT THE CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE: The Clash Royale League (CRL) is Supercell’s official team-based esports league, featuring the best Clash Royale teams and players. With divisions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America & Mainland China, the CRL aims to give players & spectators the most exciting & entertaining competition in the world.

    Am Vor 2 years


    1. Clash Royale

      Watch the CRL Finals on Dec 1 (Nov 30 6pm PST):

      1. xx x

        Clash Royale please put it for 10year olds also in India Delhi Chennai Mumbai pune

      2. Los COLOMBIANO

        Como hago para estar en un equipo para participar en las futuras finales

      3. VoSs Kv


      4. ahnaf zabir

        @Clash Royale Esports Why you banned my 11111 account 😭?

      5. Artem Vasylenko

        Clash Royale fhdjfddh I’m

    2. 闇KataKuri

      Why there is not in north africa ? :'(

    3. Sadi Rahim

      2:24 looks like snorlax😂

    4. Jason Najem

      Cringe level 100



    6. Вата Тигр

      Какого хера мне не грузит новости. Я хочу стикеры!!!

    7. Santa go

      Новые эмоджи клеш рояль

    8. ramy55z1 pro

      THE gamer is horible

    9. Milad Korkis


    10. 20 21

      Уважаемый supersell если вы читаете то дайте жизнь игре новые сундуки больше бесплатного и бесплатный подарок на новый год я игрок :-:ko*TT*ok из клана АНТИДУРЬ Elite

    11. COOL BOY

      We get emotes too 🎉

    12. Оксана Симонова

      Игра вигня

    13. Luis Anton

      Does anybody know the teams that are going

    14. Jireh Choo

      1:05 H O O P L A

    15. mignalism

      Hi my names MIG and were currently clearing out our clan for more active players to build up...our clan trophies are 2100 and we need active players to keep growing...donations and clan war preferred ..WE REALLY WANT TO GROW PEOPLEZZZ LOLZ fun and mature clan..2500 trophies or higher....USA based but all are accepted...HELP USSS take overrrrr.... Moon clan ID # C2909Y

    16. andressgtp

      Ya nadia juega clash royals to do el mundo juega fortnite

    17. PotatoMasta

      Why is this one finger game in esports hahahahah

    18. Emilio Fajardo

      Anybody else feels like prince is running amuck. Not a lot of stuff can counter him in a one on one, there’s the lighting bois, witch, and pekka but 1. U can lighting all of them since that’s basically the secondary function of E drag to bring back lighting, witch can be zapped upon, and pekka might get run down by him with support, and not a lot of ppl run mega knight.

    19. MrCoffee Time

      No one cares about these tournaments. Holding up badly-needed. Buffs for this?...

    20. NasTheNegro

      Plz buff magic archer

    21. kden



      Please add the card of wizard family with all wizards

    23. the manstand

      Project Zorgo is Watching

    24. Necro

      Нахуя ви пофіксили магічиского лучника? НаХуЯ? І так мало хто грає тою картою і так їїзамість того шоб фіксити посилити бо її стріли з 3 разів вбивають! То нормально? Ви суки пів колоди перефіксили як фіксіть то карти які неподобаються ігрокам а не вам !!!шо неберу всьо фіксите зробіть раз обнову баланса де всі карти устлять тепер попробуйте маг лучником зіграти гавна кусок а не лучник повиште йому скорострельність і заберіть задержку першої атаки бо його скелети просьі якшо правильно поставити чуть не вбивають подумайте над тим і не суньте гру в жопу я всьо сказав!!

    25. Maher Alassi

      This is worst give me back my skills or else ill never give a damn if the game is boaring 😠😡

    26. Skipper 85310

      Please buff Cannon Cart :c

    27. Just a guy who likes to comment

      Im glad that team went into the world finals

    28. Jodel Jo official

      Top.hello brother

    29. epaking jazzyepa

      Debunk golem

    30. pepe frog :v

      Gg complexity

    31. We dem Boyzzz

      Join my clan @ BloodMafia. Leader is 21 savage.💯

    32. Jj Lopez

      Can you make a challenge

    33. Sir Chowder

      Recruiting players for AusVikings. Building from 0 trophies to Legendary League! English Only.

    34. _ iiDex

      Fix the Magic Archer!! You made him useless, he can’t even kill a skeleton army from how long he takes to shoot his first shot, restarts and restarts! Put him back to normal, don’t ignore this because majority of the CR community also believes that “balance” was unnecessary!

      1. Joshua Bermoy

        Yes it is magical archer us hard to counter

    35. mojica 7

      que grande el soni

    36. alejandro gacha figther z

      Sou o unico brasileiro aqui quer diser hello may name is alejandro

    37. VoSs Kv


    38. VoSs Kv

      Nerf royal giant

    39. VoSs Kv


    40. VoSs Kv


    41. Den4ik 006

      Please Created 13 arena

    42. ZheTiny


    43. Roni Bosh

      Join my clan simulators ca it will be fun we donate alot😵😕😕😵😲😐😲😐🏥⬇😉🏥😲😙🏡🏠🏡😶😀😀😶😵😕😶😞

    44. Alpha Kenny Buddy


    45. Jouvani Zacatelco


    46. DisloyalCloth

      Anyone want to join my clan? Name: PurE Requirements: None

    47. Eljeilo Verde

      2:25 big smoke like a BOSS

    48. quge0501

      So many virgins.

    49. shibamike

      I can slap each of these pros 1by1 😋

    50. Kamil S.

      Why you nerf tombstone ? Now it's no Good.

    51. FnDżamper

      LEGENDARY card arena 6 Spider Giant Demage 370 Hpptions 3500??? 👇

    52. [Op]yoNut 1265

      Wow 🤗

    53. GioA2.0

      hola soy el giovanni y soy pro en clash royale me gustaria jugar con un youtuber

    54. P3RS1C10N

      Do people even play Clash Royale anymore?

      1. c moon

        ther is more than a million player play this game -_- (sry for bad english)

    55. Weasley Mate

      Be on the lookout for AverageKid.

    56. Silly Bugger

      I cant take this seriously, like hahaha how is this a thing, with a stage and everything

    57. Yazf B

      What is the name of biggy?

    58. Mama lui Carnat

      Clash Royale in 2018? Seriously?! 😅😅😅😅😅

    59. Miquel Montserrat

      Colton used rage spell on himself

    60. Fuzion '

      Clash Royale can you add new phrases like "Hi" or "Whatever" if you add this it could be like emotes and it'll cost $0.99

    61. Mr_Edgy

      Clash royal when u make a new update give us 1 more change to change ower user name .like if u agree

    62. Francisco Ángel López González

      Qué hace el Tum tum en la miniatura

    63. Gabriel Aguirre

      Cuando son las finales?

    64. Monga World

      This game is not for normally people is for rish people so put ur game in ur asse

    65. Richard

      nova from crl china is gonna win :)

    66. ResTrO


    67. german y angel


    68. lovemade_by_C

      Join my clan latinos-usa

    69. أشتهيت الموت

      اقسم بلخضر لو بلدنا يدعم هل الالعاب جان اني الاول عليه وعليهم 😔

    70. Florian Devulder

      On s'en cogne de cette daube. Apprenez à équilibrer les combats punaise. ...est ce normes de tomber sur des gemmeurs à 6500 alors que je suis à 4500 ? Est ce normal les guignols ? Est ce normal ? Jeu déséquilibré au possible. Vous êtes à vomir 😵

    71. LaPuercaConOjos


    72. David Coca

      Em español

    73. Isla 469


    74. caricaturas completas de todo

      Sube torneos clash royale supercell

    75. MCL

      Like si están esperando una película de clash royale 🖒

    76. Erick vanilla

      Amigos Únanse a mi clan: LOS 3 VELA

    77. Erick vanilla

      Amigos Únanse a mi Clan: LOS 3 VELA

    78. Agustin Bandiera

      ahora Sony juega al clash?

    79. Svetlana Ashihmin


    80. Monica Raicu

      cf băieți nu băgați noul ubdate

    81. Velkey Jani

      Why not HD?

    82. Denils Cr

      xdxd el gordito

    83. Evsome

      Join my new clan called none come close it doesn’t matter your skill or trophies just be active

    84. Javier Indalecio Arias Diaz

      Que combinaciones mas chidas

    85. elias froding

      Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah! Like if you understand

    86. Estefano Rojas

      Y LATAM? Qué falta de respeto es esta? :'v

    87. Guershon Saint-Fleur

      Make sure to subscribe so you can watch me play in the CRL finals, Ohhhh yeaaaaahhhh! 🔥🐐

    88. Dániel Czinder

      Gem rush?????¿

    89. bikinibottom bottombikini

      OH YEAAAHH!!!

    90. Vitor Bessa

      E a LATAM?

    91. Bruh Mantri

      That fat boii got some fat W’s

    92. Lord Zeus17

      Eating Ohyeeah Japan 😝😂😂😂😂😂

    93. ALEPRO 297

      2:13 gordito pro gamer

    94. Captain Jirnii ass

      360р seriously

    95. Miha Marenk

      Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh🔥🔥🔥🔥

    96. 미ᄃ탼ᄋ무ᅣᄂᄂᄃ

      1:05 rip cascos xd

    97. JND Andrei

      i love clash royale my 🏆is 6187

    98. خالد A_R


    99. Nouamane Mountassir

      Why not Africa