🖐️CRL Highlights From Week 5!

Clash Royale

74 Tsd. aufrufe31

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    Check out the top 5 moments from week 5 in the CRL NA and EU!
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    ABOUT THE CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE: The Clash Royale League (CRL) is Supercell’s official team-based esports league, featuring the best Clash Royale teams and players. With divisions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America & Mainland China, the CRL aims to give players & spectators the most exciting & entertaining competition in the world.

    Am Vor 2 years


    1. Clash Royale

      Comment your favorite player(s) from CRL below! 👇👇👇😍😍

      1. Subramanya Harish

        Do u still exist?

      2. SreckoMotaYT

        Surgical goblin

      3. Sameer Siddique

        JOSUE ISRAEL hjrjjfjgjg🚺🚭🛂🚰🛅♿🚳

      4. Sameer Siddique

        Clash Royale no

      5. Psychonaut

        nerf pompeyo

    2. Alex Cheng

      I like playing clash forever !!!

    3. EmanOwnsYou

      “I don’t know what to do with my hands” Ricky Bobby

    4. Ороку Саки


    5. марк 42

      Please make sure gold can be changed into gems

    6. RobertŽvan

      When comes New card

    7. Mob psycho

      clash royale i don't want free emote please give for gems

    8. jesus Vazquez


    9. Fantasy _Ggamer

      Love Clash Royale.

    10. Ino Ramo 1911


    11. Kurban-Ali Dayziev


    12. Mihael Keehl

      Could you please add another name change? My name was considered disrespectful, so a developer changed it to "Rainbow" which I do not like. Please let me change my name again, I would even spend up to 300 gems for it!!

    13. xMAX

      give me the log on shop

    14. АИД бро

      Я нашёл читера

    15. radit's kingdom ok

      Please,rilis a new card,ice prince,the weapon sword and shield,the horse is deer.please rilis this!

    16. Diego Drox

      Nunca emparejan por counter nunca me refiero a siempre me pongo megacaballero y me toca bs peka

    17. Dukha PR

      Supersell can make chests with Emoji please

    18. Lilclos Gaming

      Please bring back the clan chest

    19. Lilclos Gaming

      Bring back the clan chest please

    20. Lilclos Gaming

      Bring back the clan chesst

    21. Lilclos Gaming

      Bring back the clan chess

    22. chadi harit

      *i always play clash royale on the toilet*

    23. Ahmed Hashem

      Free emotes plz 😓😭

    24. WolfFang FIST

      Hey clash Royale can you make report system

    25. Zamudio’s Family Zamudio

      Why you band me in clash Royale

    26. Memes Playz

      Get this: I love clash royale....but.... you guys really have to decrease the chest time. Cmon I mean, 26hrs for a magical chest? 3hrs for the silver chest?

    27. Tinom 02


    28. XPeriouSX clash

      Clash royale please add goblin giant draft challenge one more time please (free entry) please😂

    29. Ahmed Hashem

      Free emotes plz

    30. Froz 619

      Clash royalebbest gaming you must do many legendary cards

    31. giogms kikriashvili


    32. Alex

      Supercell what drugs are you taking when you thougt dabing wizard emote us a good idea

      1. Fiddle Me Tibbers

        Yeah what the hell supercell?! The wizard isn't even black!

    33. S⃠k⃠y⃠r⃠i⃠m⃠98

      I got a great idea you should sell tokens in shop legendary 20k epic 10k rare 5k regular 2500 and it comes random

    34. lukas5567 gaming

      Can you ban a kid named PUFFI he was puting down giants and wiches back to back

    35. xMAX

      Give me a the log or mega knight for a crow chest plz😯😯😯 nick name dimixxd

    36. だいちそらcurry

      Mikan is god! From japan

    37. Fără nume că se fură


    38. Gociman Daniel

      Add a new Legendary card zombie

    39. انا نفر انت نفر ما يعرفني

      Add ice tower! 😁

    40. انا نفر انت نفر ما يعرفني

      Add ice tower! 😁

    41. Hana Vrabcová

      do a kids tournament

    42. Pedro Méndez

      Estan muy quemados

    43. Murder Gaming

      We kann Mann Truhen spenden ?

    44. Wout Feremans

      Firerbal is on fire

    45. Bikramjit aditya

      Pls nerf this royale giant or I am leaving clash royale 😡😠😠😠😠

    46. Prachi Pandey

      If you are seeing this i want to say that my clan is hacked i can't leave the clan clan name - Hillside dr it showing blank in clan info pls help me😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 i want to leave the clan

    47. Lupan Cristian

      Lol e Royal!!! Doar ca a pierdut :((

    48. ∠( ’ω’ )/


    49. Максим Смолин


    50. Vinicius Mendes

      Surgical felt what Atchiin suffered in that game hahahahah (cadê os Br 🇧🇷?)

    51. omega dasher

      What day is halloween of clash games ? Clash royale and clase of clans ?

    52. Algebruh

      Add a card that’s like a giant holding a flare, it will attack troops and do little damage, but will make them (and a few other) nearby troops retarget onto him. He will have some death damage, but not as much as the giant skeletons.

    53. Ronald Renalta


    54. Bimbo Bond

      Join "Team Vinicius", we got 5200 player and search for active player. No requirement except being active

    55. vanya


    56. Matko0o

      I Don't Want rg nerf, but landscape please

    57. Diego

      y asuchini?

    58. Breloom Legend Gaming

      *Almost* as fun as a barrel of goblins.

    59. Johan Villa

      J carrito P

    60. ملك القراصنة

      Please re-level the cards as we used to know their level

    61. Mădălin `


    62. Mădălin `


    63. Mădălin `

      go around. your game with your game dies when it makes no progress

    64. Octオ

      Noooo beliking porque perdiste :v

    65. Laslo Tennis

      Man highest Quality is 480p. Ciao

    66. kvths prc

      Rip clash royale

    67. Just_yoda_YT

      Cr is dead

    68. by jimmy

      Ostias con el jp es un grande

    69. Jason Najem


    70. Ruthex

      Guys i need help. Supercell ID locked my acc for 24H after 24H it was again locked how can i repair this

    71. David Iniguez

      Please help why weer my trophies dropped last nigth I had 4617 and woke up to 4295 wtf

    72. Кирил Филчев

      Dead game

    73. TheRealV

      A bunch of no life gamers

    74. اراس Alwahili


    75. Dallas Aquino

      Surgical is my favorite no matter win or loose

    76. vichi Brasoveanu

      Salut clash royale și eu joc jocul sunt roman și eu vreu sa ajung unde ajuns băieți astia

    77. ItzNightRaid

      Where I can watch CRL live?

      1. Hammad Kabir

        Search up crl clash royale on DEfasts their a separate channel for it

    78. trebol real

      I like ...aunque no me pareció que ganarán gemas los que entraron un día cuando los q seguimos la CRL desde el principio no seamos valorados ni premiados


      Superceu povavor traduz em português

    80. Arjuna Wicaksono 04

      clash royale is gettin unfair right now :/

    81. GiOnNy PaZzOz

      Dio porco

    82. ساره علي

      مرحبا شباب عندي كلان ب كلاش رويال اسمه اباطره العرب والقائد انا اسمي صفاوي المجنون ف شباب اريد فزعتكم يا عرب معروفين ب الفزعه ف قلت ل شباب وبنات ب اليوتيوب انضمو ويانه ب الكلان ف شباب تعالو وفجرو ام الكلان

    83. AJ GAMING

      Give me a heart Clash Royale I like this game I am subbed from 3 chanells and I am at 3.4k trophies

    84. ĩłĩa ŦoP

      Го лак кому нравилась роялька

    85. SerKAN İZ̷G̷İ

      Superceel turkey ?

    86. Jeremy Lall

      Razzer is really ugly

    87. Михаил Хмыз

      Клэш рояль хуйня и это игра скатилась смиритесь с этим

    88. Jireh Choo

      The tornado plays were just gold

    89. Brave tiger


    90. T War

      Week 6 highlights all RG ?

    91. Mama lui Carnat

      Clash royale is noob game.Fornite and more(No Clash Royale) is cool

      1. Hassan Alzaher

        Destiny player said the same about Fortnite