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    Nothing says Merry Logmas like a little Loggins Logmas Song! So decorate your Logmas Log, chug some Log Nog and singalong to this instant Logmas classic!
    Hey it’s me, Kenny Loggins.
    Here to sing you a little Loggins Logmas song.
    A log was once a tree
    Then Logmas came to be
    The holiday that we know
    With spikes covered in snow.
    So gather ‘round, try not to fight
    And have a Merry Logmas tonight.
    (Merry Logmas!) Merry Logmas!
    (Merry Logmas!) Merry Logmas!
    Celebrate the log together!
    Trees are dumb and logs are better!

    (We love!) Screaming all our Logmas carols!
    (We love!) Chuggin’ Log Nog by the barrel.
    (We love!) Our giant spikey wooden pole.
    It hurts to hug you when you roll. (You roll!)
    But that’s the logmas season toll!

    (This year!) We’re crushing all our Clashmas trees.
    (This year!) We’re rolling over enemies.
    (This year!) We’re logifying everything.
    When Logmas bells begin to ring
    Everyone will join and sing!

    (Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing!)
    Join and siiiiiing!
    (Merry Logmas!) Merry Logmas!
    (Merry Logmas!) Merry Logmas!
    Celebrate the log together!
    Trees are dumb and logs are better!
    (Merry Logmas!) Merry Logmas!
    (Merry Logmas!) Merry Logmas!
    Merry Logmas!

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    1. Clash Royale

      Deck The Cards, Silent Mega Knight, O Holy Pancake! What other Clash versions of Holiday Classics would you like to hear?

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    2. Arun Kumar

      Merry Logmas

    3. Rushka Nakarmi

      this song is soo good i hear it every day

    4. leandro procopio

      It's the most thief game I know

    5. mini crewmate

      "trees are dumb" Log: thats my baby version....

    6. Lukas GamingPro

      Merry Christmas❤

    7. E K

      *Merry LogMas*

    8. alphaclan14o7

      The dislikes are from the ppl who uses filter

    9. A Hippy

      It sounds like the muppets show 😂

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      Nadie: Denunciado por fomentar el terrorismo

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      Great work clash royal the best

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      Few days ago I started playing your game clash Royale it was very fun it was the thank you clash royale😃👌👏

    15. IVXI

      The game is too too hard pls fix the skmm

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      I thought it will be a log singing lol

    17. Faz Nugget Doodles #novaprospecktmeme

      🎵I don’t want a’lot for logmas🎵 🎵there is just one log I need🎵 🎵I don’t care about the tree leafs🎵 🎵growing on the clashmas tree🎵 🎵I just want log for my own🎵 🎵I will always let log know🎵 🎵make my log come true🎵 🎵all I want for logmas🎵 🎵is🎵 🎵💞Log💞🎵

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      I like the little Ice Spirit

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      Merry Christmas Clash Royale

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      What happend to the touchdown game mode you guys need to bring it back

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      Es bueno

    23. Cosmin Moise

      The game is broken right now. I have face lvl12/13 with full lvl 13 decks as a lvl 10, i lose 30 points per defeat and get 28 per win. How should i climb? Pay to win in a nutshell.

    24. Caleb

      Can someone tell me the name of the song that the beginning of Merry Logmas is imitating?

    25. J lc,

      This game is just clean graphics like the rest of the mobile games those companies in the nuts them out of money they addition they would hopefully there’s some level of medication play jokes on the players each climb up it’s just a standard break the

    26. Decky Eko Siswandi H.T

      The clash royale players are mostly idiots, they are proud to win against low level players..hahaha

    27. BotCraft Gamerz

      Imagine saying merry Christmas to a clasher

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      Please change your update

    29. Furious Fang

      "Trees are dumb and logs are better" Trees who work hard everyday to keep all creatures alive: That was not very cash money of you.

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        Photosynthesis requires cellular reparation to work And vice versa

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        So funny wow

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    38. J lc,

      fixed gameplay and a list of vacant clans, am i the the doofus for playing this pud??

    39. Sushant Kuikel

      Clash royale should be dead. I am playing this game since 2016 till then CR team haven’t increased the level from 13 to 14. All those players who are playing since 1 and 2 years are also maxed and 12 level tower. This is a disadvantage to players who played for years. At least clash of clans provide so much update. CR is the worst game supercell ever build since 4 years no update on tower level.

    40. Green Ninja2 Farts

      Clash royale is the best game ever

    41. Green Ninja2 Farts

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      Happy Logmas everyone!!!!!!

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        Merry Logmas*

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      1. Edu PE


    50. Edgar's World

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        Sou sim mano kakaka

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      Merry logmas AND happy brawlidays for part of brawl stars

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      Unironically the best christmas song imo

      1. Edu PE

        Yeah I love it


      Ow yea

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      Merry Logmas to all!

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      Before this, give up to manipulete the game. One year before, you made the player easily get the point over 5k. Now it is impossible. If you are honest, update the game which can show the all the cards hitpoints clearly. Tiksindim amg

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      Suscribanse por favor

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      Merry Logmas!

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      This song made me realize that the log is just the clash of clans version of a cactus

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      It's Kenny LOGgins signing Logmas' song 🎉.

    78. Jhonn Anderson Bravo Asenjo

      2020 🎄🌇

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      I have great criticism for clash royal, please improve the following season, it shows that we have rivals who have the contradictory of our strategy is no longer the same (lack of updates) I know there are many ideas, "I preferred the battles of clans of before

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