Super Week's Top 10 Moments [CRL Week 6]!

Clash Royale

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    Week 6 was SUPER WEEK... which means A LOT of CRL! Check out the top 10 moments from week 6 in the CRL NA and EU!
    For the best viewing experience, use your smartphone or tablet in portrait mode to watch all the action.
    ABOUT THE CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE: The Clash Royale League (CRL) is Supercell’s official team-based esports league, featuring the best Clash Royale teams and players. With divisions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America & Mainland China, the CRL aims to give players & spectators the most exciting & entertaining competition in the world.

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    1. Clash Royale

      Who do you want to see at the World Finals? 😍😍🤔🤔

      1. PB Pritam

        Any one

      2. ahnaf zabir

        Free gems please after watching videos

      3. ahnaf zabir

        Bomb Tower Hitpoints 1489 and 5 Elixir

      4. ahnaf zabir

        Supercell can you do another update and a new Epic card please

      5. ahnaf zabir

        No net problem please Supercell

    2. Dhaanish Basha

      I got a experience like that my crown power 100 and my opponent is 65 opponent used balloon and Valkyrie and I send a fire ball I not send the fire ball in time my opponent would win

    3. 闇KataKuri


    4. Cristian Orlando Flores

      I have a question... The change tokens remain when the clan change is made or not? Please answer me..

    5. Ороку Саки


    6. ahnaf zabir

      Free gems please after watching videos

    7. pokny collantes

      why theres no highlights for clash royale Asia

    8. RobertŽvan

      When comes New card

    9. Isabel Lanza

      Tell clash royale creators to stop putting people that have powerful legendarys vs a player that don't have legendarys like me

      1. Isabel Lanza

        I have legendarys but they are the lava jound and the log

    10. Yura Show

      2 на 2

    11. Савелий Власенко

      Ваша тех поддержка нам нифига не помогла!

    12. Anamar Condarco

      Giant spirit

    13. ShinyRayyan

      We need global chat

    14. paul rowe

      Guys can u make it so u can't lose trophies pls I'm getting mad I'm about to delete the game

    15. _LegenDa_ :


    16. GansitoAlRevés c:

      ya nadie juega la porquería de clash royale

    17. Luis Enrique Alvarado Acuña

      que chido

    18. Virginia Cruz

      I thought this gane died already

    19. My name is Not eggs

      I wish all tsm members played fortnite

    20. Имя Фамилия

      Dear Supercell, please add health to elite barbarians.

    21. Emir Saletovic

      clash royale can you pleasemake all cards max to level14

    22. Cian Phelan

      Bring back draft battle for challenges.

    23. Lennart

      Was ist das für ein scheiss Spiel. Ich spiele mit seltenen Karten lvl 9 und 10 gegen Gegner , die Karten lvl 13 haben ?? Und ich habe meine Epics auf höchstens 10 und er auf 12 und 13 mit dem selben level wie ich(11) !! So eine unbalancte Scheisse. Jedes zweite Match haben die Gegner alle Karten 2 Level höher

    24. xMAX

      Nerf royale giant -70%

    25. AnnaTaylorxCharli XNessaFan

      Hi clash Royale my Name is Maya and i whant to know if u can Give to.the Ice Wizard Damage buff I mean i have him on level max and he doing 100 damage if u can.buff him to 150 or 136 pleasee

    26. Golden Straw hat

      Supercell should ban those who leave in the middle of a match because of a stupit guy I got eliminated from the challenge

    27. Balaji Behera

      Need a 3vs3

    28. GameTheKing1

      Join my clan YTGAMETHEKING1

    29. mar yoo

      a Tip On Balancing A Card Supercell, Freebee for you, Win Percentages Of A Card Will Not Count as a Decision Maker For Buffing or Nerfing a Card, as a Card NEVER Been Used Individually, So Never Look At A Card Individually and Using a Win Percentages as A Tool For Nerfing Or Buffing/ Instead See How It Performs, Is It Too Meager Of A Card or is it to Powerfull Of A Card, Look at It Indivudually not The Win Percentages? As Its Always On A Deck! Which Is A Set Of 8, So Your Basis Of A Win Percentages Are Irrelevant!

    30. Lixian Fan

      What will be added to the arenas for halloween? Suggestions- 1.Pumpkins around thr princess towers. 2.barbarians with pumpkins heads like coc 3. giant as frankastan

    31. يوتيوب ١

      ارجوكم اريد كلاش رويل مهكرا ياشركه سبر سل

    32. Chigirie

      My legendary giv

    33. Ishonte Burton

      Any clans I can join that are active?

    34. Steven Gomez

      Whos faster ....hog(hog rider) or pony(prince)....

    35. E

      Make a new card which should be the electro spirits

    36. GV GAMER


    37. Mr. Deka

      Make sorcerer kobee and improvement of elite barbarians.

    38. Itz_Jamppa

      Torilla tavataan

    39. Antje Otto

      Old cart lvl back pls!

    40. Lil Juju

      Nerf Hog Rider.

    41. oh yeah yeah

      How do I participate in clan wars

    42. Raffaele Pecchia

      Iscrivetevi al mio CANALE per piacere

    43. VUJKE

      Clash Royal can i change my name if I arleady changed?

    44. Ino Ramo 1911


    45. Anjan Kumar

      Best game ever I have played

    46. Captain Fist


    47. Jakob Prantl

      Clash royal will never 😲😵😵😲 in our ❤


      Supercell eu nao querk ser banino

    49. Маэстро 08

      Я русский а вы?

      1. Эдгар Ру флеш


    50. DarkSloth

      hola saludos

    51. SHADOW

      Люблю clash royale Love clash royale

    52. Mohammad Hadi


    53. pcosta

      @clash Royale / super cell, are the classic challenges random decks or are they engineered to have an = chance bc I feel hard countered sometimes and it is infuriating

    54. Kronos YT


    55. Gadi Hernandez

      Hola mama

    56. San Var


    57. Gadi Hernandez


    58. Fo9ma

      i love this game

    59. Adrian130

      Hey :) I Play Clash Royale at 2016 and i love this Game i mean Best Mobile Game for ever❤️❤️

    60. Eddy Alberto Bustamante Martinez

      I love Tommy

    61. Some Random Person

      Lmao the finals is on my birthday


      احسن شركه

    63. By Exodia

      Supercell viole des gamin

    64. Jose Vicente Parrales Pincay

      Supercell quiero mi cuenta de vuelta no lo vuelvo hacer saludo

    65. Florian Devulder

      On s'en cogne royalement. Apprenez d'abord à équilibrer votre daube. ..ça pulule de géant royal 13 de débiles ecervelés. Vous êtes à gerber....

      1. Florian Devulder

        Ras le bol de cette daube de débiles sans aucune équité. Vous êtes des incapables complètement incompétents, à vomir.

    66. Ajax Amsterdam

      Best mobile game ever made its funny and a good game! Well done SuperCell! 📱📱

    67. Fernando Lucas Torres-Saderz

      falto el golem asesino de torres vulkan vs carter creo que es la partida? en king of the hill

    68. ramon ramos

      I open the magical chest and then I got six common and one rare no epic or legendary

      1. youtubefrogsLULW

        Ramon Ramos wait.. 6 common? :0

      2. youtubefrogsLULW

        Ramon Ramos hehe

    69. ramon ramos

      supercell I open super magical no legendary I don't got no legendaries from those 3 magical chest

    70. AleXuTza ఌ༄

      Pls new legendary

    71. Tarzetio

      Wings team

    72. Tarzetio

      Red bull

    73. Tarzetio

      Boy what have The bul

    74. اثير Mo 3fwdnc32

      مين من السعوديه لايك

    75. Sarah Samantha

      Guys got any good clans I am arena 5

    76. music star

      New Update please 😣😣😣

    77. الحلم الازرق

      ياليت تنزلون الكوووس تخلونها بس عند 12

    78. الحلم الازرق

      نزلوووو الكؤؤس

    79. ساره علي

      مرحبا شباب عدنه كلان ب كلاش رويال هاذه الهاشتاك ف انريد اعضاء واني ب الكلان موجوده اسمي ساره ف بليز تعالو فزعتكم حبايب والقائد اسمه صفاوي المجنون9JRJLVPC# اسمه اباطره العرب

      1. ساره علي

        @ابو البنادق اخي بعدنه ممسوين حرب بس اذا تجي انته واكو غيرك يجي شباب او بنات انسوي حرب

      2. ابو البنادق

        القبيلة بي اي دوري

    80. AimIsBad.

      Clash royale will never die

    81. Akmal Roshan

      Who say clash royale is Noob comment in bellow Who say brawl stars is best like this comment 10 like

    82. Лис Майнкрафта - Bedrock MC

      Clash the best! Im from Russia!

    83. Patch

      You guys should give a free emote to everyone who played in beta, as a shoutout.

    84. MariusZz Ardeiul Fermecat

      Introducting New card please

    85. Calin DrOgOzOr V:


    86. Noob Mister CZ

      Clash Royale is dead game...

      1. Sajjaad Francis

        But here you are watching their videos

    87. Faidonas Zandis

      Hi to all of you , for sure I like your video! Please help my channel,it’s all about supercell,thanks 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    88. Alphon ML


    89. Монолит

      I love clash of clens,clash royal😍

    90. BlizzPhoenix Gaming

      Well I just made an aggressive bait deck and I won 15 matches continuously with no loss it's OP!!!! If any big DEfastsr is watching this then do contact me I'll share the deck with you but you should give me credits

      1. Molly Sandera

        @BlizzPhoenix Gaming the person i had in mind was NiteTimeClasher

      2. BlizzPhoenix Gaming


      3. BlizzPhoenix Gaming

        @Molly Sandera DEfastsr name

      4. Molly Sandera

        Can you share me the deck? I want to play it. And i think i know a DEfastsr (not the biggest, but should do the job)

    91. NotRivaldo GG

      Grande TOMMI del top ESTAS OP

    92. McLovin

      Tommy OP

    93. Santiago Salcedo

      Adrián piedra✊❤️

    94. Tanuj Chandra

      No. 1 was amazing getting crowns at the same time

    95. Richa Baluni

      Wow!!! I AM JUST IN E VALLEY

    96. Tio Kazu

      Slayer gobblins :'c

    97. Zouls

      Dead game

    98. M.R 3er

      My life is clash Royale💎❤👌

    99. Aztreonam

      2 years and f%*u i cant Belibe im still playing like a Child

    100. Edgar Robert