Week 7's TOP 5 CRL Moments!

Clash Royale

136 Tsd. aufrufe80

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    The MVPs are proving their might as we near the end of the regular season.
    For the best viewing experience, use your smartphone or tablet in portrait mode to watch all the action.
    ABOUT THE CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE: The Clash Royale League (CRL) is Supercell’s official team-based esports league, featuring the best Clash Royale teams and players. With divisions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America & Mainland China, the CRL aims to give players & spectators the most exciting & entertaining competition in the world.

    Am Vor 2 years


    1. Clash Royale

      Which NA and EU team are you rooting for? 💪🤔

      1. JoséGamer 8

        Old levels plzz

      2. April Bridgeman

        I want for any new cards to be realised to do 2v2 draft or u do the one where u get to create yr own deck with any cards from any arena and the new card is locked and u can't remove it I don't want 1v1 draft anymore its stupid I'd rather do 2v2 touchdown ten that stupid draft I miss 2v2 draft

      3. Pamela Rodriguez

        Next update you guys should make a emote chest like if you agree

      4. Rip Red

        @Gescherun_ XX can we be a friends? In my first account when cr had a 7 arens im 1 in the world... 6800 Now i have chelenger 2 but i play 4fun... Electro dragon? Thats sucks...

      5. Gescherun_ XX

        @Rip Red 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I am master 1 and you ? See in Clash Royale , Elektro-dragon is now in Clash Royale . Elektro-Dragon have a leak

    2. Waseem Khan

      How we join world league

    3. Dobry Gracz


    4. JoséGamer 8

      Old levels!!!

    5. yellow

      That most of bean intense 😨

    6. Will Gomes

      Pra não perder o costume, vai sfder supercell, jogo ladrão

    7. Usha Mehta

      Can you provide free emotes

    8. WhiteRabbit64

      Buff barbarians their so trash

    9. OOOF_Ignis

      What about Electro Dragon?

    10. Aqua


    11. Sir Vive Pheonix

      Couple of days ago, on the app; it said I would get 30 gems for watching the tournament. I never got the gems????

    12. JustProSLB

      Минус 2 минуты жизни

    13. S⃠k⃠y⃠r⃠i⃠m⃠98

      Can you make no coop down for trades. _.

    14. _-A B U-_ _-alimirzaev-_

      Лайк комeнту если играешь в KLESH ROYAL

    15. Bayu Riza Firdaus

      Wow, that is my.. #1 huft

    16. Niklas Kunze

      I don't care for CRL I just want REAL Balance Changes

    17. RAFAEL j


    18. abhinav nandikonda


    19. Спартак ОГАНЕСЯН

      А я Русский

    20. Speedy AK

      What's up with zooming in and out.

    21. Duc Ivanu

      Wor Halloween make a new arena named Haunted House

    22. Ewen rqt

      Venez dans mon clan clash royal, les 10premiers qui viennent sont chef adjoints. Le nom ç est : Blackwyld

    23. Ryan Vieira

      Ultra 4K

    24. Nat Mikhura

      Добавте клановые лиги

    25. yvan

      Nike clash royal wtf

    26. Age Risst

      Foki maintinince is some dom ek wil jol eks by di skool soo sit dit af nou

    27. KaLács Képű

      New Royal ghost Nerf coming Clash Royale?

    28. Gamer X

      PLS add 3vs3 on Clash royale

    29. LaZlo

      pls nerf pekka and wizard please I'm crying

    30. 18PH020 MADHIARASAN

      No one from India gets a chance to play in this league

    31. Jose Hernandez

      Clash is Dead💀

    32. Dániel Czinder

      Clash Royalr BIG update pls

    33. Luke Arezzi

      Join my clan Seahawks

    34. Antonio Skrillex

      Supercell, you can reclaim my royal clash?

    35. Yew Chye

      Buff sparky

    36. Yew Chye

      Buff sparky

    37. Yew Chye

      Buff sparky

    38. Yew Chye

      Buff sparky

    39. Black Death


    40. Ruthex

      Please make new king emotes and please this emote will free pls (My Emote Idea: thug life emote, I dont Know (IDK) emote, fighting emote, 4th will what u want

    41. KoteLok

      Аниме аккаунт ещё навсегда забанили уроды

    42. KoteLok

      Я все что все почти карты выбыл из супер магического сундука и 1 1 лебедяни

    43. KoteLok

      Дорогие придурочный разрабы вы далбоебы хитрые забрали мой аккаунт а то что я пытался вернуть свой старый аккаунт без них все я на нём играл 2 года я старался поднимался Телиги 1С Park 2 Иван грамович Зуб у меня из супер магического сундука с Park 1 2 Ивановы Plus Market чтобы сделать 2 выпала с большого сундука а кладбище и выбил супер магического сундука

    44. Monga World

      Suck game

    45. DC Gacha

      I will roast and make a vid that clash royal sucks if you dont want to do a favor for me make emotes pay for gold and gems if dont fine you are dead

    46. Marcelo A.


    47. Lmaobox

      Clash Royale plz add goblin karaoke nite

    48. Maher Alassi

      I hate your game my skill is gone just taking my skill

    49. Pedro Ibarra

      I wish there were more new cards and new tournaments

    50. Pedro Ibarra

      I wish we could donate gold and gems to our friends on our clan

    51. Abdul Karim

      clash royale anime pls

    52. Mou Ja

      I just played against a cheater. I wasn't able to use any card for 20 seconds I could only watch how he is destroying my towers with his low level cards.

    53. LaZlo

      trim pekka ph with a hound

    54. Cristi Rusu

      is a new Clash royale New

    55. mircea opris

      un joc de tot cacatul nivel 11-5 contra 9-3 sa va fut in gura de mari meseriasi de la supercell

    56. Puneeth Cm

      Please give free emotes

    57. Manisha Joshi

      Clash Royale, Plz give me emotes of wizard 10,000 but in game coins.

    58. Darkxfan

      Help I got level 10 legendary card 2 of them

    59. Thuy Luu

      Buff executioner pls😭

    60. Y D

      Y u guys make a legendary card like ya su hin (mobile legends ) ulti type . it s will be awesome .🙄

    61. Anamar Condarco

      Electro spirit

    62. lukas5567 gaming

      Please ban BoomerMan, hes a emote spamer

    63. Ороку Саки


    64. Sebek Magnuszewski

      Dajcie legendę budynek

    65. CRS08


    66. S0N3X

      Pls nerf hog

    67. XDaniel 1 XD

      Vam trimis sms pe mesiger

    68. XDaniel 1 XD


    69. Oxilien

      Mon clan ses TTELITEALEXYTB7 ET J EN AI Un autre sais fille/garcon mais le premier et mieux venez tous et regarder ma chaine

    70. Brici Directing

      why did I drop to trophies

    71. lukas5567 gaming

      I caght Habib kojacks cheating plese ban him

    72. Jeremiah Lopez

      Make another legendary draft challenge!

    73. Motiur Rahman

      Garrrr I always founds coin in war bounty. I need a legendary token in this I'd.😬😬😬😠😡😢

    74. vishnu varthan

      Y there is no emotes offer this week?

    75. PRAKHAR FF

      Where is our October update Supercell!😨😨😨😨

    76. Ertleu Nariman

      Stupid balance

    77. Конопляных дел мастер

      Старый уровень карт верните!!!!

    78. 1timantti2

      I hate Clash Royale. I don't have Prince and I am in 7 arena. Its impossible to get.

    79. Dnzokts

      Grow the power of lava

    80. Dave v

      P p positive elixer trade oj hunter zappes tech? Illuminati confirmed?

    81. Zeeshan Mulla


    82. Antonio Vallelonga

      miglioratelo di poco spazio vi prego e fatelo provare ora!!!! e un gioco bellissimo dai!!!!

    83. NeymarJr

      Hey Royale Gang plz but the card lvls back and BTW put everything back to normal but not the emotes



    85. سعود الحارثي

      شباب سويت قبيله اسمها اهلآ وسهلآKSA

    86. thekarnx bro

      Come in my Clan his Name is Thekarnxbro Please guys

    87. Pravinsinh Jadeja

      Very good job for making rg op now it sucks even more looks like your stats are wrong suckers

    88. lukas5567 gaming

      Theres this guy named Da_joker$ can you please report him. Also make reporting an option outside of chat

    89. Chigirie

      Ilka suka

    90. Nurali Dusebaev


    91. Piero alonso

      Like por bolaking del principio

    92. haydar musa

      yes okey

    93. Kristian Pardede

      Game kontol anjing bangsat babi lawan ndk seimbang kontol

    94. shanite ricks

      Yeahhh... I remember when you’re game was popular you can stop 🛑 we’re taking over now 🤗 you’re games *DEAD*☠️👏🏻

    95. SA_HappyKiller

      please join draft 2vs2 batelle but join 1vs1 draft batlle

    96. RobertŽvan

      When comes New card

    97. Mikasa Ackerman

      My DEfasts ❤️❤️❤️❤️Clash Royale is 2.6 DECK LOOOVEEE💋💋💋

    98. VNG Gaming

      2:06 highlights

    99. デモーニオストラーダ

      I love soking👏👏😘😘😘😘😘